Bringing Art to Your Home: The Beauty of Artistic Cushions

Cushions are an essential component of many home furnishings and can play a major role in both the comfort and design of a space. They are commonly found on chairs, sofas, benches, and other seating options, as well as on beds and outdoor furniture. 
But why settle for plain and boring when you can bring art into your home with artistic cushions? These unique pieces are not only functional, but they also serve as conversation starters and a way to elevate the look of any room.

Benefits of Artistic Cushions:

RGalleries Original Cushions are a unique and stylish way to add a pop of color and personality to your home decor. These cushions are designed with original artwork by RGalleries artists and are made with high-quality materials, including super-soft faux suede, beach-house linen, and versatile cotton canvas. They come in a variety of sizes, including 12"x12", 16"x16", 18"x18", 19"x13", 22"x22", and 24"x24", to fit a range of furniture.

Not only are these cushions visually appealing, but they are also functional and easy to maintain. The cover is designed with a zip-back for easy removal, so it can be easily cleaned and cared for. And the cushion inner is made from polyester, ensuring your cushion will stay looking great for years to come.

Cushions as a form of art:

Cushions can be considered a form of art. They are a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed into a beautiful and unique piece. They are not just something you put on your couch, but a way to express your individuality and personality. From abstract designs to traditional patterns, there's something for everyone.

Different styles and collections:

The collection in our gallery features a wide range of styles, including abstract, vibrant, traditional, and refined. With over 70+ different collections to choose from, there's something that will suit your taste. Each collection is inspired by different themes, such as nature, travel, and the urban landscape.

Factors to consider when choosing a cushion

  • Size: Select a size that fits the furniture it will be used on
  • Shape: Choose a shape that complements the furniture and the room design
  • Function: Consider if the cushion is for comfort or decorative purposes
  • Material: Select a material that fits the room design and purpose (e.g outdoor)
  • Style: Pick a style that complements the room design
  • Cleaning & maintenance: Choose a cushion that fits your lifestyle and cleaning habits.


Artistic cushions are a simple and easy way to bring art into your home. They are not just functional, but they also serve as conversation starters and a way to elevate the look of any room. With our wide range of styles and collections, you're sure to find something that suits your taste. Our cushions are made with high-quality materials, ensuring maximum comfort and support, and have unlimited licensing, making them a great long-term investment. So, elevate your home decor with R-gallerries artistic cushions today!